Energy Action European Fuel Poverty March 11th and 12th 2013

By attending this event you will have the opportunity to learn

  • why insulation and clean heating programmes save lives, improve general health and well being, create jobs and saves energy
  • how investing in behavioural change programmes make economic sense
  • about schemes to make energy and heating more affordable to households
  • from experts about the new tools for identifying areas of fuel poverty

The conference will also be an invaluable opportunity to

  • explore ways to embed energy poverty within the broader rubric of EU legislation and remedial action
  • tackle fuel poverty which is now an EU priority, as a result of recession, fuel prices and carbon tax. (Regressive tax)
  • network with your peers and contribute to the general debate on European Energy Poverty
  • raise the profile of fuel poverty



The Conference will facilitate dialogue between:

  • policy makers
  • regulators
  • local authorities
  • island communities
  • politicians
  • health experts
  • researchers
  • private contractors
  • energy companies
  • and the various agencies supporting vulnerable people in Ireland and Europe.


The conference will be held at Ballsbridge Hotel Dublin 4. More »